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Trident No. X Gin

Trident No. X Gin

Tim Wilson
February 2, 2020
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Trident No. X is the final design piece in a series of numerical based designs I started creating in a design challenge on Instagram I dubbed the #WeicargDesignChallenge. The challenge is to create a mock company, logo and brief identity based on numbers one through ten. Check out the full series @weicargdesignco on IG.

To be honest, it was actually kind of difficult to decide what kind of company I wanted to create for the tenth design. I decided from the beginning each design and mock company would be based on different kinds of beverages. From energy drinks to whiskey to gin. I really wanted to create a challenge to keep myself busy just creating and it was a lot of fun. For this particular piece, being number ten in the challenge, I wanted something that started with the letter “t” so the names flowed nicely like all the others before it. After a lot of thinking I decided on Trident No. X Gin. Mostly because I had been wanting to design a logo with a trident in it and immediately had ideas pouring into my head.

The work was about 95% adobe illustrator and 5% photoshop. All the vector work was of course created in illustrator in an evening and the mockup the following evening. I always start out each project doing a bit of research on exactly what I’m thinking about creating. In this case what other gin companies look like, what emotions do I get from viewing them, what colors are they using etc. From there I start sketching an idea on paper for the basic logo and once I find something I can bring into illustrator seamlessly I take a photo on my phone and simply airdrop it to my Mac and start designing digitally. Using tons of techniques I’ve learned over the past few years and then boom. After a few hours some how I end up with something I’m happy with. Once I have the base logo down I decide all the others aspects of how it might look on a label on an actual bottle of gin and what feelings I want to evoke from that. As well as deciding the colors. Then I bring in my vectorized work to photoshop after finding a nice mockup template online and generally mess with the template to make it more unique than all the other ones out there being used by the same one.

I posted the small project over the course of a few days on Instagram and got plenty of love and attention on it. I try and always learn something from each project I do and it’s really the whole reason I am constantly working on something. Whether small or big. Learning is one of my favorite things about designing daily, and designing daily is one my favorite things to do!

I really appreciate all the continued love and support I’ve been having over only the last month and a half I’ve started my design company. Feel free to check out more of my work on Instagram once again at @weicargdesignco and if you’re feeling extra inspired, give the #WeicargDesignChallenge a try yourself, you never know where it might take you. Thank you!

Tim Wilson

Owner and Operator of Weicarg Design Company. Specializing in logo and brand identity design along with dabbling in other graphic art. Check out my Instagram @weicargdesignco

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