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Trustap Logo

Trustap Logo

Diana Sima
March 18, 2020

A logo design commissioned for an online transaction platform which promised security and care for both parties involved.

The platform, Trustap, was born from the real need of its creator who happened to be scammed when buying tickets for an event from an online source. He wanted to create something that he himself can safely use when shopping online. The concepts taken into consideration when designing the logo were: safety, care, security, money, peace of mind, transactions.

The product's tagline is: Transact with peace of mind.

The spirit of the platform is lighthearted and friendly. It's the trustworthy third party between the buyer and the seller. So from the start there was a natural inclination towards employing friendly curves as opposed to stern angles in the design.

First, I focused on the main concepts surrounding the product: care, security, trust, money, transactions, connectivity, cooperation, peace of mind. I gathered reference images showcasing all of these and started sketching some ideas.

One of them shone brighter than the rest and was agreed upon by both the creative team and the client. Its logomark is a conceptual average between care represented by a heart shape, finances represented by a wallet and security represented by a lock. This turned out to become the final design after some fine-tuning and geometric work.

The color needed to express that side of technology which keeps in line with the platform's intentions: the freshness and ease with which it enhances modern life. A bright, playful turquoise gradient between blue and green hit the spot.

I only used Adobe Illustrator in the making of the logo, as it's the go-to tool for me whenever working with vectors.

First I looked at reference images and for a day or two just sketched in my notebook, combining and cross-referencing shape concepts. I love this part of logo design because it resembles somewhat of a game or a logical puzzle that you as a designer need to solve before actually creating it. After having a few versions which I was happy with, I went into Adobe Illustrator and drew these digitally using the vector tool.

After the winning concept was chosen, I created the geometrical "scaffolding" upon which the final, sturdy shape rests with mathematical accuracy.

Playing around with the gradient tool and some bright, flashy colors which complemented the logo's fun curves led to the final logomark.

The chosen logo font was Circular because its straightforward, modern shape went well alongside the designed logomark.

There was positive reaction to the Trustap logo. Some of the feedback it received was that it is unique and easy to recognize.
The most important thing is the fact that it inspired trust among users. This can be achieved through considerate planning.

I learned that a philosophy behind every logo design is needed in order to hit home and produce the desired reaction.

Diana Sima

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