UAC – Media installation concept

This pavilion was designed, as scenery for interactive media presentation of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC / ОАК in Russia) and demonstration of the company’s current products. It was a separate module in the main exposition of the company at exhibitions.

When I designed this project, there were clear tasks: it was necessary to create a special, if possible, shaded space, for a specific concept of an interactive presentation, where the content was divided into a central screen and six separately standing pylons – screens. This presentation was in a technological, high-tech style, this dictated the style of the pavilion itself. It consists of two parts. The first part: a podium with light strips, on which there are media pylons, the interactive presentation control center (central touchscreen), scale models with information touchscreens and a technical room located behind the central screen. The second part: a hanging structure consisting of three ellipses, inserts of flexible LED modules and 3D light logos.
In this project I used smooth aerodynamic lines of airplane subjects. In the finishing materials, I used aluminum matt panels, reminiscent of aircraft’s body, and blue glossy elements – the company’s corporate color. The main idea is the aspiration and the feeling of flying.

From the beginning, the rational size of the area under this module was chosen. It was also important that the person at the control center should see all the screens as one large panorama, but you could pass between the screens. After the plan, I moved to a three-dimensional design of the general form. In this work I used Autodesk 3ds Max for visualization of my idia.

Through this concept was won a tender for the development of multimedia content. It was quite highly rated by the client. And This conception was used at subsequent exhibitions as the main idea of presenting media content and current models of the company.

Leonid Lomakin

I’ve been working in design of exhibition stands since 2010.

Also, I work in the following areas:
Installations ( algorithmic / parametric design )
3D visualization
Interior design