Vicky Honar – Lactation Consultant

This is a project for an IBCLC lactation consultant whom I have hired when I first had my child. A lactation consultant is a person (usually a midwife) who specializes in assisting mothers, couples and families in their breastfeeding and nursing goals for their newborn. The aim for the design was to stay clear of the usual mother and child image, yet still convey the image of breastfeeding and its importance as a natural source of health and nourishment. As breastfeeding is something that is deeply personal, the design required a warm and personal approach for its target audience.

The client had a love for sunflowers and wanted this incorporated into the design. The challenge for me was how to use a sunflower and still represent her service. The result is a play of imagery. At first glance, we see a sunflower with its leaf and a bud. Look closely and you see a breast with its nipple (sunflower) and a nursing infant (leaf and bud).

I started with doing some research and looking around for inspiration. I sketched out all my ideas then I further developed the ones that worked beautifully. The best ideas were then drawn in Adobe Illustrator, complete with image, typography and color schemes.

She loved the design almost instantly that very minimal changes were made. After completing all her other design requirements including website, she has received many positive responses from existing as well as new clients. In turn, I have been referred to for some branding projects. I learned that to find a good concept, one doesn’t really have to look very far.

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Tracy Gutierrez

I am a freelance graphic designer with a taste for adventure and a passion for beauty and the arts. With 7 years of experience, I’ve specialized mainly in creating brand identity and print designs. Including flyers, posters, brochures and magazines. Always in the hunt for new challenges, I look for ways to develop my creative skills and provide unique designs for my clients.