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Visions of Depth by Mikko Lagerstedt

Visions of Depth by Mikko Lagerstedt

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June 17, 2015

From the depths of night, you can find the light. Self-taught fine art photographer, Mikko Lagerstedt latest project Visions of Depth will take you to another level.

My very first inspiration towards photography came to me when I was driving on a summer’s eve to my relative’s cabin. After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment and then I realized that I want to start capturing these kinds of moments.
-Mikko Lagerstedt


“The series was created from photographs I had taken in the past year. I realized that most of my favorite photos from that time included two elements that were, water and stars.” says photographer Mikko Lagerstedt when asked about what inspired the series Visions of Depth. “I feel that these photographs convey the feeling of depth from our planet to all the way to the Universe.” (Chris Gampat)



My photography journey first started in December 2008 and from the first moments; I fell in love with it. I like to create visually, and emotionally captivating pictures and my goal is to capture the feeling I had when I took the photograph.

-Mikko Lagerstedt


Mikko Lagerstedt is self-taught fine art photographer from Finland. He loves to capture the night, atmospheric photography and enjoys capturing simplistic landscapes. You can see more of his work at Behance or his website.

4 comments on “Visions of Depth by Mikko Lagerstedt”

  1. Those images are something I could stare at all day long! Great work and I love the website too!

  2. Man o' man what did I just see. Are these real world photographs? Unbelievable!!! Even the best of the work of the biggest of photographers will pale in comparison to what Mikko Lagerstedt has done here. Each photo seems like a work of art and has a certain out of the world touch to it. Totally amazed to see these pictures. The ship one is just superb!

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