Collection Vol.1, Cajsa Wessberg

Fascinated by their beauty. Mesmerized by how easy they make it seem to slay in such effortless fashion. Girls. I’ve typed that in, after a long thought. You shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve also had to make art of them. Celebrating their subtle charm, stark beauty, and that there-is-something-about-her vibe.

I mean, we all got our own #wcw

How did you come up with the idea?
I freestyle my way into creating these ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

It says here I gotta elaborate (min. 40 words)?!

Furthermore, I just simply come up with an idea, aaaand execute it. Based on my personality and the things I like. And hope to god it’s good enough.

I used Adobe freaking Photoshop ᵔᴥᵔ

Can you describe how you made this project?
Well, I experiment.
I find an image that I really liked (in this case, couple of images of Cajsa), I open it in PS and start playing around with the tools I’m familiar with. Mostly I go with what I personally like. I like paste colors. PINK! I like galaxies, space, stars, and pretty much anything weird at all. Bag it up in one edit, and BAM! Art.

In the end, it’s aaaall about layering when it comes to creating these kind of artworks in Photoshop.
Layer those clouds. Have more than one layer of the stars or galaxy.
Have more than one image of them too to give the art piece depth and variety.

How did people respond to your project?
Liked it I guess?

Did you learn anything from this project?
I learned that I’d so much like to try and shave my head. Let’s hope I’d pull it off and still look stunning like Cajsa. But I also learned that I mostly make edits on PS because I’m too lazy to pick up a brush and an empty canvas and actually make real art 。◕‿◕。

Damoo Daiki

I’m an interior design graduate that creates artworks
that are intended to be, pastel, ethereal, dreamy, and
everything sweet in between.

Given my design background, the artworks – almost
always need to hold some sort of a concept and idea;
to – hopefully open the minds of my viewers to see/feel
something new or form a different perspective. And if
not an idea, then, my artworks go full on this-is-prettysweet
mode; to please the eyes.

I use any art mediums at my disposal to create art. By
no means am I a pro, I’m a self-taught. And I’m simply
driven by the jealousy I feel by other artists’ beautiful
art creations, and the need to get inspired to make art.
Whether it be watercolor, digital, collages, paintings, or
even 3D renders.