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Collection Vol.1, Cajsa Wessberg

Collection Vol.1, Cajsa Wessberg

Damoo Daiki
May 6, 2018

Fascinated by their beauty. Mesmerized by how easy they make it seem to slay in such effortless fashion. Girls. I've typed that in, after a long thought. You shouldn't be surprised that I've also had to make art of them. Celebrating their subtle charm, stark beauty, and that there-is-something-about-her vibe.

I mean, we all got our own #wcw

I came up with this series based on my, again, fascination with the model's portrait.
At the time, I kept on seeing a lot of the Double Exposure Effect created in PS, and yet I wanted to create something similar, but different in technique, and feel. I love pastel colors, and I'm obsessed with surrealism and etherealism. And so, I wanted to create a piece that combines, and reflects all that I'm into.

These pieces are made entirely using PS. As for the tools, I depended on the Blending Mode/Layer Style, experimenting with colors, and gradients.
And then just start playing around with adding images of galaxies, space, stars, etc. Pretty much anything that will help me visualize the concept I have in mind.
In the end, it's aaaall about layering when it comes to creating these kind of artworks in Photoshop.
Layer those clouds. Have more than one layer of the stars or galaxy.
Have more than one image of them too, to give the art piece depth, and variety.

I have posted these pieces on my social media, and people quite liked it.
What I have learned from this project, is that I really appreciate the beauty in this world, and I would love to do more like these projects.


I’m a visual artist and interior designer living in Dubai.

My curiosity in answering the question “what if?”, leads me to exploring surrealism to create art and design pieces that visualize a certain idea or thought I get from my mundane life.
My absolute enjoyment in this process, is to observe a certain object, and give it a story of a different life than the one it’s having in this world. From that, I start world-building, using any mediums at my disposal. It being digital or traditional.

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    1. Hey,
      Thank you loads for such good feedback. I've added some process images for you[that I hope would help you out]. And I added a small paragraph below the images as well.
      Please, feel free to contact me directly, if you'd like to have a conversation about how to make such artwork. I'd be more than happy to help ^-^

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