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Core: Maple and Concrete Sake Set

Core: Maple and Concrete Sake Set

Dan Devine
September 28, 2018
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Core is a set of sake tableware pieces that I made for Render Weekly's (@renderweekly) weekly render competition. It's a blend of the traditional sakazuki wide-sized sake cups and more modern materials. The maple would be lathe-turned and the concrete set in a mold, acting as the 'core' of each piece when inserted.

I knew I wanted to tackle the wider, traditional variation as soon as I read the brief for the competition as that's what I associate with sake. Kind of like the association of beer with the beerstein or coffee with the mug. I also wanted some contrast in the materials, so an earlier version was a kind of black resin material and a lighter color wood but it didn't have the feel I was going for. I turned to concrete as it tends to be a more industrialized material and to contrast it with the more natural maple felt like it was the right aesthetic balance for updating a traditional tableware piece.

The CAD was all done in Onshape, a web-based CAD application from the original developers of Solidworks, on my iPad and iPhone mostly before I exported them out to Keyshot on my computer. I like using Onshape because I don't have to hold onto all my sketches or ideas until I sit down at my computer and plow through them, I can try the idea out right on my phone and see if it's worth pursuing.

Pretty well! I put it up on Instagram and Behance and got some good feedback from there. It wasn't picked for the competition, but there was a lot of good entries that week. It did help me to practice with set building in Keyshot to make the render look more realistic and believable.

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram (@dandevine) with any questions, I put a lot of my work in progress and almost-daily sketches up there.

Dan Devine

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