Vroom is a toy car inspired by the sense of speed and acceleration. I wanted to convey the wind around a speeding car and the shift of gravity during acceleration through an abstract form. Vroom follows the design guidelines of Tobeus 100%.

The project itself was a warm-up for a bigger project, and the idea was to follow the Tobeus 100% guidelines in order to design a toy car that could be cut using a 4-axis CNC Milling machine. The material choices and overall dimensions were provided by the guideline. I decided to create something more abstract rather than mimicking the silhouette of an existing car.

The body of the car was modeled in Solidworks using a base template provided by Tobeus 100%. The form of the car is made by only two extrude cuts; one from the side, and one from the front. It was then cut by a Roland MDX-540 4-axis CNC Milling machine and then hand assembled and finished.

Ultimately it was my first time using a 4-axis machine of any kind. Learning the operating procedures, constraints, and capabilities of a 4-axis CNC machine was crucial in setting up our files in the CAM software. Vroom was also an opportunity to work on a project that was more simple than an average design project.

Please check my website for more work, www.jaeseongyi.com – Thank you!

Jaeseong Yi


My name is Jaeseong Yi, and I am a recent graduate of the BFA Product Design program at the Parsons School of Design.

I believe in hard work, I believe in team work, and I believe that good work can inspire faith in each other.