Water Towers Of Luxembourg: A Pictographic Study

Most of the water towers in Luxembourg are visible from various locations and can be seen for kilometres around. Although these buildings have one basic function – holding water for future use – it is quite surprising that there are so many variations in the shapes of different water towers.

The main purpose of my work is to showcase the aesthetics of these single purpose industrial buildings. Each tower is a unique symbol of place, but together these buildings can be seen as objects of photographic inspiration and art.

I had this idea for several years, but was lacking motivation to start the project. However, this year I decided to do some test shots and then got completely immersed into the assignment. I spent lots of my weekends visiting these water towers alone or sometimes even taking all my family.

There is no secret – the main tool to do my work was Photoshop with Nik Silver Efex Pro plug-in to do the black and white conversion. I always photograph in colour (never directly in monochrome) and then do the B&W conversion later on my iMac.

I think, the project got some really good attention and feedback. In the beginning, I was not sure whether people will like it or whether they won’t find it boring, but it was quite the opposite – I have received lots of encouraging comments.

Gediminas Karbauskis

Lithuanian photographer based in Luxembourg.
Focused on architectural fine-art photography.