Winter in Harz Mountains

I planned a winter sunrise tour to the Brocken. The Brocken (1142m) in the Harz Mountains is the highest mountain in North Germany and known for its harsh climate. A strong wind caused particularly cold temperatures. Especially interesting are the “ice creatures”. These are heavily snow-covered trees that turn into mystic fantasy figures under the weight of snow and ice.

It is always something special to hike the mountain Brocken. You never know what to expect in the weather. From a fabulous sunrise to an ice storm, you can expect it all. I think that’s the attraction! Make a good story out of every situation.

I work with a Canon EOS 6D and different lenses. During a hike I usually pay attention to light luggage and opt for only one lens (maximum two). After a tour, the images are read in Adobe Lightroom and sorted. After sorting the image processing takes place. Each picture is individually refined individually. I get the necessary finishing touch with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to the Adobe subscription, my software is always up to date.

People should get the feeling as if they had been on the tour. Especially in landscape photography you want to pass on the experience to the viewer. If I succeed, then my project was successful.
With each project I learn to do so. Above all, more time to invest in the choice of subject. Sometimes you have to be quick when there is good light. My personal experience shows that every object shows something special when the light is right.

At this point I would say pictures speak louder than words.

Oliver Henze

Living in Harz mountains …
Sun-drenched forests, misty mountains, blooming poppy fields or stunning photos from the starry sky are just a small sample of its diverse motives.
Again and again it takes Oliver Henze out into the nature, searching for new, interesting places on winding roads, away from well-trodden tourist paths. A special place for Oliver is the forest. The worse the weather, the more interesting the motifs are there. This is the most evident in mystical fog.
Also nightly walks to the Brocken and regular trips into the rocky landscapes of the Bode valley generate very special and rare photos.
Oliver: “My goal is to capture the moment and the mood that are unique to each image. Of course, a little luck is indispensable. But if you just start, often the best inspiration can be found in the unexpected..”