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Wireless Lamps 2019

Wireless Lamps 2019

Aldo Petruzzelli
March 6, 2019
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In this project I redesigned the lamp for the office, given the issues in the picture I tried to incorporate a second body which serves only as a fixture on the wall (or wherever you need it) and allows the lamp to be carried with ease. In an office or at home.

I paid close attention to the way we interact with objects that we take for granted such as lamps, especially in spaces where we spend a lot of time in. I chose anodized aluminum mostly for his pleasant finish and it was an obvious choice for the kind of shape feasibility.

For the first time ever I focused a lot on producing high quality render images as I didn’t have funding for a working prototype in the desired material. I followed all the steps of the design process switching from analog to digital design when needed.

I haven’t gotten any substantial response yet or comments worth mentioning for that matter but I badly want this. You see I’m still in High School and receiving feedback from people that know more than you is vital for a future bright career in this field.

I don’t know if any investors visit this blog searching projects to fund, but if that’s case. Contact me.

Aldo Petruzzelli

I’m a student of Industrial Design in High School.

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