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Ping I Chou
December 17, 2016
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Figure One
The #10FF flask kettle introduces a stylish approach to enjoy your hot beverage. A smart fusion of both kettle and flask, #10FF flask kettle brings simplicity and ingenuity to keep your day toasty even if the weather says no.

Figure Two
A clean design makes everything better. Genetically engineered in our top secret labs, the finishing touch is mesmerising. Not exactly, but you get what we mean.

Figure six
Captivating even the squarest people with its compelling cylindrical design, #10FF is delicately constructed for maximum efficiency and performance.

Figure seven
More than just a flask. A companion.
Developed with care to make those stressful days a little bit warmer.

Unlike an ordinary kettle, #10FF offers the preference to adjust the temperature to your requirements. Take it as a miniature hob, just really small, and for beverages only.

Unmatched texture for a unique feel, we believe the touch of #10FF is just as important as its aesthetic.

I used Photoshop / Alias / Keyshot to help me to make my project.

Alias is a really amazing software for product design. Keyshot is a not bad software.
However, it all depends on what you want to show to the viewers.

Research for the structure, test for the dimension, then modelling, in the end i got the final result.

i am very happy that people like it and left good comments, and i found a good way to present my works.

As a Visual Designer for the TAIKER magazine, i learned how to use color in a smart and fashion way. No just black and white anymore.

Ping I Chou

Based in London, UK
Looking for new job in Product Design, Graphic design, Freelance also

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