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13 Chianti Road - Wine Experiences

13 Chianti Road - Wine Experiences

Morar Alex
June 12, 2018
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13 CHIANTI ROAD offers premium private wine experiences and focuses especially on tailoring unique experiences for gourmet travelers and wine connoisseurs from around the world. A day trip packed with discoveries in a breathtaking scenery, delicious food paired with fine wines and a dash of adventure. The Founder of 13 Chianti Road is a certified, trilingual sommelier with over a decade of knowledge and practice in the international wine and spirits business. Was born in Hannover, Germany, and currently, reside in the gorgeous Chianti Classico region south of Florence from Italy. His passion for wine and firsthand connection with the wine-making process introduce others to unique, intimate and once-in-a-lifetime wine experiences.
The name of the logo is the address itself and conveys the idea of stability, and represents the age, tradition, elegance, and quality of the goodies of the Chianti place.

This logo is a rebranding, I started with the client's requirement to keep this corkscrew in the logo symbol.
I tried to make everything possible to convey the idea of old, traditional and hand-made work.
In choosing the color I inspired after the trail left by a glass of bright red wine.
I kept this circle to complete and give a note of uniformity for the symbol.
And the fonts have been chosen to preserve and amplify the idea of tradition and old.

The program you are working on must be a part of you and not a barrier to achieving what you have in mind. I can not describe a particular process and insist more on the fact that it is more important how you document and how you understand the needs of the client so that you can make something that represents him and tells his story.

I’ve received many positive feedbacks from my client and the audience. They were all satisfied with the simple, and elegant style that presents their business philosophy well. Patience is the key to understanding why you do what you do.
This project showed me one more time how important to take care of the smallest details to achieve a perfect look and feel.

I would love to hear your feedback on this project.
I’m willing to grow and take as much information and feedback as I can to do my best and create.

Morar Alex

I am a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in different fields such as identity, print, and web design.
Creativity helps me to offer graphics solutions and concepts that attract, support and promote actions that aim, in getting real results through effective customer sales target identification.
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