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_Black by Tomasz Majewski

_Black by Tomasz Majewski

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June 26, 2015

Check out Tomasz Majewski aka 'THATT' an independent Illustrator from Poland's captivating monochrome drawings in his personal project _BLACK.

The first illustration of the series was a boy seen from behind. I had no intention to do a big series, but as I was digging in my drawers for more inspirations I decided to bring some of old sketches and concepts into life. Finally, it was something non-commercial, I had no brief and no deadline, so I could choose what and how I want to draw. The ultimate luxury!
-Tomasz Majewski


Because of this freedom of choice I had dozens of ideas and ended up with a whole series of illustrations with different stories behind each. But the main goal was to improve my drawing skills and give the computer processed works some artistic, lithographic touch. I missed lithography workshops and getting ink-dirty. As a traditional illustration lover I prefer working with pencil and paper. It’s more personal to me.
-Tomasz Majewski


I come up with my sketches spontaneously but hardly ever finish them or show publically. I look for inspirations in ordinary life and my work makes it quite easy. In the publishing house I meet authors and editors on a regular basis, so I hear amazing stories every day. I’m astonished by how many different plots and pictures have been invented and how many things are yet to come up with. I was also inspired by sounds and movies. I collect my ideas, think them through, keep in my black book or throw away. I am happy that many triggers resulted in a great variety in _Black series.
-Tomasz Majewski


First of all, I am an aspiring artist myself, thus I welcome any tips from others. What I believe is that hard work and patience always pay off. I’ve learned that designers need to be prepared for bitter critique and also that overconfidence never helps (but modesty might). Keep your eyes and mind open and keep your heart burning. Learn, ask, try, improve your skills, try again and never stop.
-Tomasz Majewski


Tomasz Majewski (alias THATT.) is an independent illustrator and graphic designer based in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from university with a Fine Arts M.A. degree and started working as a THATT. His favourite field of art is illustration, both digital and traditional. You can find more of his artworks on Behance or Facebook Fanpage. He also works for a publishing house, where he design book covers and prepare them to print. After hours he usually draw, do freelance jobs and go for long walks with his beautiful wife.

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  1. I always liked detailed drawings like this. It is just amazing that you can make a 3D image on a flat surface.

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