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A Diary - Lake Van Express

A Diary - Lake Van Express

Irem Türkkan
March 13, 2018
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One day, we were sitting on the table and thinking about where to go for the semester. Then we decided to go for a 24 hours long train trip from Ankara to Van. It was called The Lake Van Express. It was the first time we go to the East of Anatolia. Those pictures are what's left behind from this journey.

We were very excited to go for this trip. It took longer than it should be, almost 26 hours. We passed over 10 cities in Central Anatolia and East Anatolia during our trip. We saw, we watched, we observed, we documented, and mostly we enjoyed the passing of time in our compartment.

I shot almost every scene I find interesting while watching from our cabin. It was like camera stuck to my hands and eyes. Every scene that I saw was worth to document. I bring my DSLR with me. I shot little videos and also made a short video from footages.

It was a very different experience than my other trips.
Also, I think train is the best option for travel if you want to see more than a few cities.

Here you can see all of the photographs and watch video:

Irem Türkkan

Born in 1995, Istanbul. Studying Visual Communication Design. Interested in Photography. Have passion for traveling, exploring, and seeking.

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