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A Painting Full of Love by Zac Retz

A Painting Full of Love by Zac Retz

Honey Adraque
March 5, 2015

Love is the greatest feeling that a person can feel in this world. In love, you just don't do random things but you capture meaningful moments in life whether you do it individually or with the person you love the most. In this feature, we will show you wonderful and loving moments in life through the illustrations of Zac Retz.

"I like to recreate the intimate moments in life that I don’t want to forget. Sometimes we don’t think much of the little things that happen to us until later, and we realize how beautiful those moments were. I am an artist working in the game and animation industry. I do everything from painting backgrounds for Nickelodeon games, to doing color scripts and character designs for animated movies. My main focus with my art is to capture meaningful moments in life. My work is often based on a specific emotion or depicts events from his own life. Either way, I feel that my pieces are successful if I can evoke an emotional response through their color, composition, drawing, and lighting. However, all of my professional work is painted in Photoshop."

- Zac Retz

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About Zac Retz

Zac Rets is a 24 year old color artist and character designer based from New York, USA. He works full time at the game studio Workinman Interactive. Also, he does freelancing for animation studios, working as a color artist and character designer. He illustrated the kids book, "Too Much Glue" and he likes to go for walks, just enjoying the nature and sketching with his friends outside or at coffee shops during his free time. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

2 comments on “A Painting Full of Love by Zac Retz”

  1. Wow, I can really feel the love through your paintings and I really like your painting style. It looks just like pastel.

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