Aeris Uno | Ultimate Climate Control

A 4 Month long Team Project done in collaboration with Aeris Cleantec AG, Beijing, China. We wanted to create a product range that Aeris could sell worldwide. Aeris Uno can cater to any climatic condition whether it be cold, hot, dry or humid. Everyone deserves pure, fresh air where ever they may be. That is why the base module houses Aeris’ propriety Swiss grade filter. Every other module above can be customized to your climate-needs. If you live in a cold and dry area you can simply buy the space heater and humidifier modules. Above all this is the control panel with the basic information and control.

It was a project given to us by Aeris Cleantec AG, Beijing, China. We wanted to respect Aeris’ current design language as this was falling in the same product family as their existing product Aeris aair. We kept the lines as clean as possible and a monolithic form to add uniformity and allow the modular functionality.

The project started with a broad research phase in which we looked as users locally and internationally. We collated this data and created ‘user cycles’ in which we highlighted insights and clusters of problems. With this we started our creativity and went ultra-wide with the scope of ideas. Starting with ‘post-it’ ideation and moving onto more refined concepts. We proposed 14 unique concepts and selected the final modular climate control concept to pull forward for development. We then started understanding how take it from a concept to a ‘sellable’ idea. We looked at what technologies we can use and how it would affect our design decisions. Solidworks and Rhinoceros were used for the 3D modelling. Keyshot and Photoshop was used for the visualization.

The client really liked the outcome of the project. He liked the modularity and the ability for this product to adapt to different climates. I learned a lot from this project as it was the first one I was co-leading. I understood how to manage a team to get the best result from everyone.

I was part of a team from DSK ISD, Pune, India. My co-leaders were Aniket Warade and Karan Purohit. The rest of the team were Tanishia Rane, Raghavendra Rao, Preemy Nayak and Vaibhavi Singh.

Zeeshan Vervatwala

Industrial Design student in my final year of my Masters. Loves photography, travel and meeting new people!