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Rabbit X Lamp

Rabbit X Lamp

Haoshi design
November 28, 2019
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A warm light is the entrance to a beautiful world, lead you to the dreamland.
haoshi’s Rabbit X Lamp create a warm atmosphere for a space by three different poses.The streams of light through the paper, reflect the rabbit fur detail. Soft
light tone provides you a life inspiration.

haoshi’s collections present different ways of living, we observe natural behavior and create it to a luxury home decoration. All detail on the product is full of master carver works. We use resin as material because it can be easily shaped the detail, such as feather and muscle. And we like the color, as white can be comforted to any home style .

We use traditional hand craft skill to make our design. That is because hand craft bring warmness into a product.
The master put his great afford to make every item wonderful and prefect, and then you can find difference between each of them. Every piece is a master piece and unique item.

We believe that life is full of happiness and interesting things.
All our design is the a common thing that around you. If people see every single thing from different angle of view,
and take a look at everything from this busy world. Anything could be a good thing.

haoshi design

haoshi is a home and living décor design company established in 2009, named by the Chinese pronunciation "good thing". The designers added a sense of purity and peace into the design concept. Every exquisite design presents haoshi’s unique philosophy -- The world is simple, as long as our mind is simple. Always here, haoshi discovers every “good thing” in our lives, create new story through time.

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