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Powerless lamp

Powerless lamp

Federico fenoglio
August 26, 2018
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Use your phone flash to light up the ambient.
Control it with your gesture to create an amazing experience.
This is a new concept of lamp who it combines an alarm clock, charge your phone, and light up the ambient.
Everything is controlling by App.
how is a delight to wake up with a gentle light close to your bed and a nice relaxing sound?

I decided to crate a democratic product, accessible for price but really useful.
I was thinking how to combine a light, alarm clock, a stand for a phone and improve the sound of the phone without spending a fortune.
This product is very minimalist, it managed by app and used the phone microphone to capture the claps to switch on/off the light

I used Rhino to define the shape and functions a 3DSmax with Maxwell Render to study how the light interact with the shape and
refine the form to diffuse as much as possible the light.
I used a Nylon 3D printer to create a real sample and tested .

All the people they have tried this product there were addicted to clapping and see the reaction with the light.
The sound is amplified by ad horn underneath the light and the people enjoy how the sound is enriched.
I learned how is important to create something useful but accessible for people and define a shape for productions.

the product it comes with the app ( i`m working on) to active the light with a hand clap

federico fenoglio

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