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Pivot - A versatile ambient light.

Pivot - A versatile ambient light.

Kenneth Rodrigues
March 22, 2018
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The Pivot lamp is a take on the solution to create lighting for tenants who can make more out of a lighting product instead of investing in various number of specific functioned lights. Tenants can’t usually ‘damage’ property walls and ceilings and end up buying table lamps and work lamps that are specific to tasks.

This not only increases the amount of products in the house which also take up a lot of apartment footprint.

The Pivot lamp tries to solve that by providing a lamp that creates an ambient light and also adds an atmospheric quality to the space, It can also be directed or focus light in specific regions.

What helped arrive at the solution was the help of research and exploring the idea of how one can ‘control light’ - dimming, direction, colour, warmth, shadows and then ideating on a concept that could exist in two states (focused and spread i.e. ambient) and thus striking every chord in between.

This product aims to create an interaction between the light user and space. Which makes a visual feeling very tangible and almost tactile.

For the digital part of the project I used a variety of softwares from AutoCAD to initially work out proportions and internals, I then used Rhino to create 3D models of the same, V-ray for renderings and post production in Adobe Creative Cloud suite to create layouts for slides/presentations.

The response to this project was great people loved how simple and minimal it was but also understood the complexity of how it came together. They absolutely love the idea of how tangible it is whether its the integrated knob switch or the top reflector disk.

A ‘switch’ allows a user to operate a light or equipment. Their form, interface and imagery are immediately suggestive of what they do.

This product aims to create an interaction between the light user and space.

A dimmable switch adds a narrative layer of playing and controlling the light in all the states that exist between it being ‘on and off’ . This also allows the user to adjust the strength of the reflection thus creating a mood in the space.

Also, Each joinery and even manufacturing process consider sustainability.

This product has been broken down to the most minimal and efficient number of parts. These help in the following:
1. Packaging - when a lamp has to be packed as a whole it takes up a lot of space and this affects warehousing, delivery as well as saving materials.

2. Repair/Exchanges - The Product has been broken down to the bare minimum components which can easily be swapped and repaired.

3. Scalability - The part breakdown allows for its core components to stay constant while allowing customer to choose sizes.

Kenneth Rodrigues

I'm a 2nd year Product Design student at UAL: Central Saint Martins.

The approach to my design process is driven by curiosity and exploration. I enjoy exploring materials, techniques/processes and ‘hacking’ them in ways to create a product/experience. The reason I chose product design is because of its versatile nature. I learn and incorporate various streams of art and design, whether its graphic design or architecture, into my process. Striking a balance between function and efficiency in form, I strive to deliver this experience in a minimalistic approach.

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