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Ahoi project

Ahoi project

Manuel Pinilla
February 4, 2022
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Illustration done for the novel titled "Ahoi" for Letrame Editorial, Spain.

The mere essence of the story of the novel and it's characters.

I used Adobe Photoshop to illustrate the cover and back cover of the book. The process began with multiple loose proposal sketches. Then I chose the best composition sketch keeping in mind the impact and energy for the essence of the story. Afterward I started painting from back to front all of the initial "washes" of the colors of the piece. I looked for the correct mood. Then I continued to paint more and more, generating more details for the piece, using textured brushes and some photobashing.

Everytime I paint a new piece I learn a lot from all the process that was made to create it and when I finish it I then think about how could I improve for my next illustration piece.

Manuel Pinilla

My passion is designing and illustrating characters. My skills include conceptualizing characters with props, costumes, fantasy elements, and science fiction. I am a designer with an aptitude for experimental projects. I am enthusiastic and creative with flexibility in different artistic styles. I am a person willing to learn and grow, with excellent communication skills and an ability to work with multicultural teams.
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