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Ajita Hombre by Deyvis Andrade/Projetloja

Ajita Hombre by Deyvis Andrade/Projetloja

Deyvis Andrade
March 19, 2020
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Project developed for Brazilian retail brand with the proposal to be sectorized for men.

Materials developed:
- Logo + Color Palette + Furniture Distribution + Sectorization + Visual Merchandising application + Lighting application.

The estimated target of the brand are men who fit the casual and social style.

The idea was based on an industrial and aggressive environment, with straight cuts and paintings that highlight and divide the shopping areas of the store.

The strong colors transmit strength by joining the transparency of the grids and hardware that improve product exposure, facilitating consumer visibility.

The first step was the logo, all the color material and elements of the brand using adobe illustrator + Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Lightroom.

The second step was to develop the store respecting the brand studies of the first step, modeling with autocad, textures and distribution of the environment in 3Ds Max and render in Lumion 10 with post production in Adobe Lightroom.

As always, there were small changes to adapt the project that we believe the client's reality, so we consider it a success.

People like the presentations because we think of almost everything for them before we even finish, this conveys peace of mind to approve the projects safely.

Deyvis Andrade

I work with architecture for brands (retail design). Strategic projects to capture better results at the point of sale (store) in different market sectors, clothing stores, furniture stores, household appliance stores, restaurants, fast food, supermarkets and others.
Layouts designed to reach the selected target, positioning and conductive flows such as shopping circuits and other situations that lead to increased consumption, such as better product exposure, visual merchandising, planogram and flow chart to apply a better readability of the environment to the consumer.

"The execution of well thought out projects brings instant results".

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