Animal Vectors

This project was made based on the golden ratio, colorful shapes and shadows play along with it. Animal vectors is a personal project in which I invite you to see some of my favourite animals taking geometric forms, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

It was a personal project, I love geometric form and animals, so it was a matter of time for me to make a project about them both. It was 100% made with Adobe Illustrator. The colours where chosen based on research and trying to show the most representative colour to each animal

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the shapes, and add the colour. First I created the grid using circles, and then build the shape. Once I was satisfied with the overall design, I started to add colour and shades, all of them are made with gradients. The las step was adding texture to it.

I was amazed how people responded to it. It was featured on Behance pretty quick after being published. It is my first Illustration project which I upload to the public, and I am very happy to see my effort being paid off. I really enjoyed the process and surely I will publish another project soon!

Daniel Meza