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Animals by Oscar Llorens

Animals by Oscar Llorens

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June 22, 2015

Check out these cute and very colorful illustrations of 'Animals' by Graphic Designer/Illustrator Oscar Llorens from Madrid.

'Animals' is just the beginning for an editorial project, a book about my personal work during the last years.
-Oscar Llorens


I really can´t exactly explain my inspiration behind this project. I am watching thousand things almost every day in the real life and on the internet. So at this moment, I can´t specify just one inspiration.
-Oscar Llorens


Just keep drawing and drawing and drawing all the time.
-Oscar Llorens


Oscar Llorens is a designer and illustrator from Madrid. After years of working on advertising agencies, he is now focusing his work on Illustration, without forgetting design. He works most of the time for advertising agencies, magazines and doing exhibitions for his personal projects. See more of his works at Behance or his website.

2 comments on “Animals by Oscar Llorens”

  1. These drawings could appeal to children also, a little older, maybe ages 7 and up. I know my daughter and her friends have ...quirky tastes, and this would be right up their alley. You should try a children's book with these illustrations.

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