Artist’s Apartment by Mateusz Klepadło

We once featured a work from the talented Poland based architect Mateusz Klepadło – Array Towers. Now, he’s back with a new work ‘Artist’s Apartment’, let’s explore his new visuals!

Mateusz Klepadło

Mateusz Klepadło

Mateusz Klepadło


When I started making Artist’s Apartment I tried to create modest and comfortable interior with relatively open space. First part was working on some basic shapes and space divisions. Second part was choosing balanced materials and lighting solutions.
-Mateusz Klepadło





For the visualization of the design I used two softwares. Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine 4. All the modeling was done in Cinema4D and then everything was exported to Unreal Engine 4 – it is a game engine that allows real time rendering and game like presentation of the projects. Real time egnines are great for playing with materials and lighting – as you change light values, textures, shaders you have the end result preview instantly – it makes the designing process much faster than working with standard software.
-Mateusz Klepadło





I think I don’t have my own style and I don’t want to have any. Project style should always be adapted to customer needs. I am not good at giving advice, but I think it is important to remember about basic theories of art – colour, composition, lighting. These are the fundamentals that always have the biggest impact on the end result.
-Mateusz Klepadło





About Mateusz Klepadło

Mateusz Klepadło is a young architect and an artist. He graduated two years ago from Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technical University of Bialystok in Poland. He has worked for various architectural studios and worked on many different projects from architectural field and art. Currently, he’s am working as a CGI artist and in his free time he’s working on his own architectural and art projects. You can see more of his works at Behance or his website.