This apartment with a total area of 43.72 m2 is located in a modern residential multi-family housing in Moscow, Russia. The customer is a young IT specialist who spends a lot of time outside this apartment. The main idea was to organize a large open space with maximum natural light.

Create a minimalist apartment design – a real challenge. The white color of the walls and floor gives space, but accents were needed. For this purpose, panels has a special surface pattern were used on the facade of the cabinet and in the construction of the sliding partition. Modern and dynamic interior, like the one who lives in it.

Programs that were used in this project are: Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop.
Cinema 4D was used for modeling/texturing all the main objects of the room and Corona for rendering.
And also was used Photoshop to get a better final result.

The customer was very pleased with the design. Especially, he liked the organization of functional areas, such as the sleeping area and recreation area. Architect from FLOW project specifically designed all the objects to maintain a stylistic similarity with all furniture.

Igor Nevestenko

Igor Nevestenko
Head of the company, the Chief architect of FLOW project

Architectural engineering and interior design