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B-Stop by Keremcan Kirilmaz

B-Stop by Keremcan Kirilmaz

Ron Gerzon
May 12, 2016

B-Stop is a modern take on mass transit stations aims to provide a pleasant waiting space to with the convenience of modern tech. A translucent waypoint screen system provides vital information to passengers, such as bus arrival/departure timing, directions, weather, time, and other stats. In contrast to this ultramodern feature, natural stone, marble and onyx make it an architectural compliment to the surrounding outdoor environment.

The main idea of B-Stop is the representation of the contrast between nature and social built environment. Combining natural stones (marble and onyx) with modern technologies like LED info screen represent this idea. Material selection was also a crucial part in the design process.


The design process started with case studies of bus stop designs all over the world. Then the process followed by quick hand sketches to facilitate the process, get a brief loof onto the design. The final model is formed by using Rhinoceros 3D, Keyshot, Lumion and Photoshop softwares.


Many people, including colleagues and academic people in his city, found it a very bold representation of the concept. Keremcan think one of the successful aspect of the project B-Stop is that, it also reconciles the bond between nature and built environment.



Keremcan graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Izmir Institute of Technology in 2007 and received masters degree in Design Studies field in 2010. Since then, he has been practicing in the field of architecture with the purpose of pushing its boundaries to its limits. Through years, he have won several national and international architecture rewards.

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