Biomech Sneaker Concept

My personal project of the transforming sneaker. The side walls of this sneaker up when the user places their foot into it the shoe.
I started to develop it from functional mock-up. And it works! Without any additional power, and without any expensive materials and technologies. Then tried to imagining: how this shoe may look as the adidas brand shoe.

I was inspired by Predatory plants, or rather, by Venus Flytrap. So, if these plants can do the action, why our shoes can’t? Everybody knows Nike’s AirMAG of E.A.R.L. sneakers. But these is quite expensive shoes, which need electricity power. So, I just tried to create something cheaper and better.

I start this exploration from functional mock-up. I used only available materials, like cardboard, duct tape, etc… Then I create an sketches with styling design, and GIF animations in PhotoShop.
I also captured on video the mock-up in action, to show how it’s work.

It was very interesting to look on these shoes in action. All my friends, who tried to put it on feet, was amazed. But I hope, not only my friends would try it in real life. I did not even think before, but some disabled people really waiting for a footwear like this. I received a few offers from brands, and from people which really need this shoe.

Keep explore and stay creative!

Ilyas Darakchiev

Hi! My name is Ilyas, i’m footwear/industrial designer, who graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Arts as Transportation design Bachelor. So, i love my job and I love to make interesting things.