Blank is an intellectual service that lets you know more about product information or tip just by posting an item images.
I paid attention to Professionals who are familiar with certain culture and stuff.
They can search for more information efficiently.
Blank can provide more reasonable and reliable ‘Shopping Experience’.

What do we usually do in our spare time?
We see a lot of ‘Snack Images’ about sale information, daily look in apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and etc.
Didn’t you ever miss these products information?
I thought there were two reasons for missing this information.
First, it is not immediately easy to find the relevant information, because the most information is the image.
Secondly, because of scarcity, it becomes easily out of stock.
So, I paid attention to Professionals who are familiar with culture and stuff.
They will search for more information efficiently.
In fact, we may be all Professionals in certain areas.
I suggest ‘BLANK’, a reliable shopping service for our spare time.

Let me tell you about the design concept.
The meaning of the blank means ‘ empty space’.
Literally, the design concept is “Fill in the Blank”
Frequently Asked Questions are always accompanied by a blank picture with a picture, Once users ask questions in the form of blank spaces.
Then, professionals fill answers such as name of product, purchase information and location.
And the reason why I chose a variety of colors is that various professionals wanted to use.

I designed UI through Adobe Photoshop and Interaction motion through Adobe Aftereffect.

On the other hand, I am studying Sketch, also I am planning to study Prototype tool that contains various kinds of interactions.

If a study on this prototype tool was done, it would be better project.

In fact, I didn’t expect much attention because Blank was a short-term project.
But more than I thought, a lot of people saw and liked my project thankfully.
Then I got a confidence.
In particular, I realized that the concept is very important throughout whole project.

You can see a whole project here :

Jaejin Bong

A Korean UI & Product Designer