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Bottle opener

Bottle opener

Jan Vítek
September 25, 2016

This was a small project for a company Mars Svratka a.s. The product comes from a waste metal sheets and it is produced by industrial press machine in two steps. This is nice and simple promotional item where every customer can put a logo on it.

I was asked to create the promotional item from a waste metal sheets. The material is steel and the finishing against corrosion is either brushed zinc or a color. The opener has a functional place for a logo so each company which order the openers can put its own logo on it.

In the beginning I had to understand the technological process of press machine and its limits. Then I begun to sketch. To understand more the shape I used clay to model my sketches in real size. Thanks to this I had a raw 3D sketch which definitely helps you with the final proportions. Then I created 3D models with different sizes in a Rhinoceros 4. Thanks to 3D printer I could see the result with different sizes of the opener so I could choose the best. After this I handled the 3D data to a guy from a company Mars Svratka a.s. who was responsible for manufacturing the press tool. And voilà the bottle opener was born.

The project was not a big but I was nice to cooperate with a real industry and to find the best way with the shape. This project was done in 2012 during my studies of design. When my colleagues saw the opener they really liked it and so the other people. Once I met a disagreement with a guy who told me that the design before was better. The company did an opener before but in different old design. So maybe you cannot satisfy everybody.

Design, have a good inspirative life, don't be a dick and enjoy your life.

Jan Vítek

Hi! I'm Jan Vitek. Freelance designer, idea maker, creative thinker, athlete. I enjoy challenges of different types, styles and colors. In my leisure I do sports and music. Feel free to leave me a message or email me on [email protected] ;)
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