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Branding, Print & Social Media Designs - GMUA

Branding, Print & Social Media Designs - GMUA

Anna Kerfoot
November 19, 2019
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The goal for Global Makeup Academy was to create a standout editorial brand identity inspired by high-fashion, that would be easily recognisable.
GMUA is a Makeup and Hairdressing school inspired by fashion and editorial beauty, with the aim to inspire and give opportunities to all students for them to thrive as industry professionals.

Focusing on key aspects of print and onscreen media I created branding for the company that flows across all platforms, photography to showcase the talent and skills of the Artists at the academy, flyers for print and social media posts for onscreen followers to view and learn more about the company.

Creating a consistent and contemporary feel for the brand was an important starting point in this process. With the high-fashion inspiration in mind, I went with a classic fashion typeface; Didot to convey the editorial edge of the company. By designing both a logo and a full name arrangement to use across all platforms, recognisability of the brand is achieved without looking repetitive as well.

The eye-catching pink colour was decided upon as GMUA's symbol for beauty, empowerment and freedom throughout the company's visual presence. As the pink is so bold, the typography is kept simple and elegant, switching between black and white to create contrast.

I focus my photography with sharing the positivity that makeup can generate between the tutors, MUA students and clients. I always aim to celebrate the artistry and genuine happiness created both behind the scenes and on location.

The logo designs and Instagram posts are designed in Adobe Illustrator, while the print designs like the leaflets are designed using Adobe InDesign, Photography is taken with my Nikon D3200 camera and colour graded using Adobe Lightroom.

I focus on using my typographic skills to apply balance and continuity such as kerning, tracking and leading to the body copy along with establishing a hierarchy to elevate the reading experience.

The project received great feedback from the GMUA tutors, students and other beauty professionals. This encouraged me to further develop my skills as I continue to work with GMUA on social media, photography and print design work. Having a fully realised brand identity helped the business become identifiable especially with social media. The consistency created for the business's online platforms helped gain more interest and growth within the industry.

Anna Kerfoot

Graphic Designer with experience in editorial, print and social media content creation, a passion for bespoke and unique designs with beautiful typesetting and typography that bring the brand to life.

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