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Loris Bottello
November 23, 2018
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Bricks collection - a series of objects made of concrete, cork, glass and other materials.
The concept is to reuse existing objects and give them a new life, by incorporating them into concrete bricks. These become decorative and functional objects for the home.
Made with custom designed, 3D printed molds.

I believe that there are certain objects, that we find in our everyday life, that are so simple and yet so beautiful, but most of the time we treat them as trash when we no longer need them. With this project I want to emphasise this beauty by incorporating these object in bricks made of concrete. I choose to use this material because it is flaxible, being able to take any form when casting it, and also very durable when is set. The color and texture are very neutral, so it is not the focus of the attention but rather it becomes a frame for the incorporated object.

I start from the objects that I find lying around and save them fro the trash bin, then I try to imagine how to give them a new meaning with a lot of sketches. I create a 3D model of the finished object in Rhinoceros, then I model the parts of the mold that I need. I 3D print them, assemble the mold and incorporate the objects. I cast the concrete, and when it's set I demold it and just apply a light sanding on the surface, without any additional treatments.

I found that people is often surprised by how the common objects that I use can gain a new life and become an interesting piece of decoration for the home, instead of going wasted. I hope to make people think more before throwing something away, and make them reuse when it's possible.

Loris Bottello

I'm a freelance designer based in Albenga, Italy. My main interest is designing great products that are functional, evocative and sustainable. I believe that a product must not just look good, but most of all should make the user feel better. I also like to design experiential spaces and interactive installations, and work hands-on with materials to make prototypes.

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