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Vladimir Chepushtanov
October 15, 2017
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The project of Bugatti Sports Bike started from the cool idea of great guy Yeujiin Galison. He launched contest #bugatticonceptbikechallenge and the main topic of this Design Contest was creativity and creating an absolutely new Design Vision of Bugatti Motorcycle for near future. A lot of great guys Automotive and Industrial Designers participated in this contest and made many awesome concepts during all time.

The main feature of Bugatti modern DNA - flowing lines which divide side of the vehicle on two-tone paintwork. It means sloped shoulder line ovality flection. It allows express spirit and historical features of this brand.

I have chosen the classic-modern style of colour combination Blue/ Black. It is inherent to Chiron and Veyron cars. Primarily visually appealing two-tone paintwork was a popular symbol of luxury in car design from the 1920s/30s – and Bugattis were no exception.

With its minimalist torso design, the Type 35 was probably the most important and distinctive Grand Prix race car of the pre-war years. Bugatti’s motorsports tradition was reflected in all subsequent models, and even today Type 35 remains the model for the vehicle architecture of modern Bugattis.

In the beginning, I thought about something creative and innovative. I created a small Inspiration board with mood elements which helped me to understand main technologies and elements which were been using at new Design. I have got TOP side of Chiron because it has unique surfaces and volumes and combined it with Ducati Diavel cruiser motorcycle and Lotus C-01power cruiser motorcycle by Daniel Simon Design.

I created a few key sketches with a bear on Bugatti DNA. All of these sketches were created by COPIC markers and ballpoint pen. After that, I scanned all of my sketches and created small Development Board.

After all, I have got a lot of pictures of different sides and parts of Bugatti Chiron and I took units and parts from those pictures for compilation with each other. I have used Photoshop for Quick Rendering process and I have changed many details and proportions.

I guess this project got a good feedback and comments on Facebook or other resources. Different people said that this project of the Bugatti bike was created very futuristic and it has been got nice proportions. Perhaps it has depended from well following to Bugatti DNA.

If you have ideas or suggestions on this project, other projects or job opportunity (collaboration) you can ask me or write me and we can discuss it. I'm open to communication.


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Vladimir Chepushtanov

Hello everyone!

My name is Vladimir and I'm from Russia, Yekaterinburg city. Currently I study at Master Degree of Industrial Design at The Ural University of Architecture and Arts and I'm a student of the 2nd year. I have graduated my first degree at The Ural Fedearal University in direction of Industrial Design and I have fihished this precess with honors. I have participated in Internship Program in direction of Automotive Exterior Design at PEUGEOT Design Center based in Paris. Also I won the SPD SketchFighter 2016 and I was included in the list of Finalists of the TOYOTA LOGISTIC DESIGN COMPETITION 2016.

First of all Creativity is most important thing in my daily life. I really love automotive, cosmic and aero designs there always inspire me. Probably it's my favorite passion. Moreover I love hand-sketching and I prefer ballpen tool or color pencils. As well as being I like digital sketching on tablet tool.


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