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Burger Bros

Burger Bros

Joe ElHelou
October 11, 2016
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Burger Bros is the new burger joint created by two brothers with a love for food and special, tasty recipes. Burger Bros. goes beyond the regular burger joint and flies over to a whole new area of expertise: the true love of culinary art.

The logo is neat, clear but with many messages:
The half sliced burger is also the letter «B» which represents Burgers and Bros.
The half sliced burger represents sharing.
Two half slices make one whole burger which represent 2 brothers, who together created the new burger joint.
The layers in the burger portray a special taste and a one of a kind customized recipe.

I used Adobe Tool such as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR and PHOTOSHOP to complete this Job,
it was challenging creating a merge between the B and the Burger but finally Impossible is nothing ?
so i create a full Burger design then we split it into 2 to create the shape and to combine the B with the half burger ( so we have the concept of Sharing Is caring).

«it's a family affair» represents the fact the best food is always whipped up in the kitchen with family because the secret recipe is always a little love. So with two brothers, we can guarantee a touch of soul food, as well as a mouth watering recipe to keep you craving for more!

Joe ElHelou

I'm a graphic designer with 10 years of experience in branding, animation and web design. I've been working with a lot of clients in my country and even outside Lebanon. If you have any questions, I'm available to talk by phone, e-mail, or meet in Byblos-Lebanon. I offer brand identity design, logos, graphic design and Web Design.

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