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December 23, 2016
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A desktop USB multi-charger to power different devices at the same time. A technological object thought out to be decorative, that flees away from the colors, forms and finishing touches that are usually seen in that kind of products. It can be used either on the table or plugged into the electrical socket. Busy is useful and beautiful, an object to keep close, to use and to look at.

The main brif was to create an USB charger with a different style. Using colors and forms that don't usually relate with technology. The aim of this products is to charge some devices at the same time. Also we wanted to be a useful object that can either work in different positions.

The process was similar to all the product design projects. You start with some drawings in paper, then start to 3D model to see proportions and figure how the overall model works. Finally we prototyped the piece using 3D printing.

People reactions are great, we try to analyze this feedback, learn about that and try to take out better results in future projects. But in the end seems to be a useful product that people would use day by day.

Gravina is an object design studio based in Barcelona.

We design honest, accessible and useful objects. Objects with meaningful forms, colours and materials. Objects to look at, use and touch. Life is full of objects. Some are needless or superfluous. Gravina designs objects to build bounds with; objects that one would want to keep forever.

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