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Carrara Branding Concept by Martina Cavalieri

Carrara Branding Concept by Martina Cavalieri

Stephen Malapote
July 1, 2015

The concept of brand identity applied to tourism and territory has been one of the most importan topics of political debate in several cities of the world; when the most important cities have chose their brand and have built a strong commercial image, now the debate is involving smaller cities. Today we feature a brilliant brand project by Martina Cavalieri of none other than her beloved city. Take inspiration and continue reading.

This is the project I made for my Master's degree, a city/cultural branding concept created for my beloved hometown: Carrara

-Martina Cavalieri

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About the Designer

Martini is a 25 year old Italian graphic designer with a passion for typography and company branding. She an MA in Industrial and Graphic Design and she is currently helping young start-ups achieve success via effective branding strategies. Look her up and find out more through her Behance, website, or tumblr page.

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  1. I become the fan of Martini after seeing all of her designs and branding concept she did for her masters. I love to explore various branding concept and this website is the best place for that. Keep sharing good work :)

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