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Casa Quebrada en Chile

Casa Quebrada en Chile

Level Archiviz
May 31, 2018
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Images insipired by an amazing project by UNarquitectura, ‘Casa Quebrada en Chile’.We loved immediately how the house was immerse in the nature, and we tried to recreate the same atmosphere and light.
It was quite a challenge to make them.

When we saw the photos of this project we were deeply impressed by the simplicity and the beauty of this project, and especially the atmosphere of this forest. We were struck by the light and the way he "painted" the house
Using this project as a reference, we started to develop these images

The workflow for this project and for all the projects we work on, are 3DStudioMax for modeling, Vray as a rendering engine and Photoshop for postproduction.
We start modeling the house in 3DStudioMax.
Afterwards, we added all the vegetation. Only after we studying light with Vray. The lighting was done with a hdri for day and night scenes.
As a last step, we gave a more personal touch to the images, using Photoshop

The reactions to the project were very positive. As a personal project, we could take time to add as much detail as possible and this was appreciated.
The project has also received various appreciations on both Facebook and Behance.
It will also be published in the 3D Artist Italia magazine

If you liked these illustrations, come and discover many more on the site or Facebook page
Thank you

Level Archiviz

LevelArchiviz is a creative studio based in Milan, born from the passion of two young architects 4 years ago, in a small room of an apartment. By now it has become a solid reality boasting numerous clients and collaborations. The office is located in Milan, in the Moscova area. Here we have joined our knowledge with those of other collaborators, going to enrich the skills also on the front of Virtual Reality.

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