The project consists of a series of photographs that take place in Belém (PA), the city where I was born and lived 20 years ago. The photographs were taken in July 2017, while I was on vacation in Belém. The project “Casa” aims to portray some of the gastronomy and architecture of Belém, capturing at the same time, elements of the culture of the Amazon, and also elements that remote to the Portuguese colonization.

The idea came when I was on vacation in Belém in July 2017. I would like people from other regions of Brazil to know a little about the gastronomy, the culture and the history from which I came. So, I thought I’d take some of the Amazon to the rest of Brazil and the world through photography.

The tools I used were a Canon T6 Camera and a 50mm 1.8 lens. For editing photos, I used the VSCO application.
To take as pictures, I went to lunch at a restaurant called “Point Do Açaí”, located in the center of Belém. There I photographed both the internal area of ​​the place to make the records of the food of the Pará cuisine, and the outside area to register the architecture of the Portuguese azulejos, that remote to the period in which Belém was colonized by the portgueses.

The people found the photos interesting, especially those that are about the gastronomy paraense. I am very happy to be able to take through the photograph some of the history, culture and gastronomy of the Amazon to people who, unfortunately, have never had the opportunity to travel and get to know Amazonia!

Emilia Senapeschi

A Brazilian photographer and trained in Psychology, she was born in Belém (PA) and currently lives in Curitiba (PR). It understands photography as a tool capable of giving visibility to groups excluded from society and suffering some kind of prejudice and oppression. The photograph allows a look at the excluded of society, and can work in partnership with Psychology to build a better world.