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Las Ligas Menores - Live Photography

Las Ligas Menores - Live Photography

Natalia Destefanis
February 27, 2020

This project was a small part of pictures taken during the concerts of Las Ligas Menores, an indie rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, (where I am from). One show was for free in Centro Cultural Recoleta, during “Mujeres Acá y Ahora” a special program of the museum with a central axis in women, in this case in the “Girls of Fire” cycle, a series of concerts that brings together various voices of rock. In the Patio de la Fuente. The other one, was at Niceto in a solo concert. Both shows were in 2018.

I love to bring my camera to the concerts and to be part of them in that way. I love to have a souvenir of the shows, for me and for everyone who see the photos. Don't care if I take my reflex digital camera or a disposable camera. Concerts have been a big part of my life since I was just a kid, I can´t live without music and since I'm a frustrated musician I choose to take pics of the shows so I can be a part of them in some way. Haha (Joking).
In this case my equipment was a reflex digital camera Canon T3i with 50mm lens.

These are all digital images. I work with Adobe photoshop and Adobe lightroom. I try not to edit a lot, just a little bit of light and contrast correction and maybe saturation, not much more. (I don't like editing the skin tones for example, but this is just a personal opinion.)

I had got positive feedbacks. I'm an active photographer for two small local bands. This project brings me more experience to shoot a band in two different aspects: in a concert, and in an acoustic concert. The times were different, and the spaces too. The location always varies, so do the lights. Niceto was a difficult place to shoot, and at some point i tried to enjoy more of the moment, (that's why some pics have mistakes like camera blur). So I learned to enjoy more of the music, in every show, and that's what you should see in these images.

Always enjoy the ride and take your camera to places.
You can find more of my work in my behance:

Natalia Destefanis

Born in 1992. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I study Design of Image and Sound in FADU, UBA. Also im starting Graphic Design this year. I love photography, illustration and all the visual/art campus.

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  1. Que bonitas fotos <3 me encanta la fotografía, tienes una manera muy cálida de retratar! un abrazo.

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