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Cheap Monday Pop Up Store by Danielle Shami

Cheap Monday Pop Up Store by Danielle Shami

Honey Adraque
September 18, 2015

The project Cheap Monday Pop Up Store was created for Belle & Sue, Israel’s first online fashion retailer and the official reseller of the Cheap Monday’ brand in Tel Aviv. It was the first time of an actual store opening for the brand. Let us take a look and enjoy!

I knew it had to be eye catching and reflect the brand’s personality so I started translating the whole Identity in to this cheeky character who was completely unrestrained and surprising in a way. The more I got into it the easier it was to become that character. I wanted everything to have a wink to it, from the workers tags to the store signage and displays.

- Danielle Shami





From online to offline - My goal was to engage people within the concept store, make them react, hashtag, upload photos. Either from the store or the printed materials(posters, flyers, guerrilla posters), I wanted it to speak to you. My greatest love and inspiration comes from neon signs, nightlife, old retro signage. It doesn’t necessarily have to be directly in context with what I’m designing but you get a certain feel or vibe to it. It helps me create a world, a story. Also, choosing the OSB material as a contrast to the online virtual store felt right.

- Danielle Shami





The main challenge was how to communicate with the customers, be rude, be rebellious but remember that you still need to get them to understand and well…shop. You don’t want people to feel like they don’t understand, otherwise, they lose interest and your work becomes irrelevant. Also, I think I had around 4 or 5 revisions until i got the exact character I was aiming for.

- Danielle Shami





About Danielle Shami

Danielle Shami is a freelance motion and graphic designer based in Israel. She graduated from the department of visual communication at 'Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art' with experience and an obsession with fashion, interactivity and technology. She is passionate about design and working as well as combining different medias for her projects. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or website.

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