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CITRIX FUTURION: Illustration for CITRIX, C-Tomorrow, a city of the future

CITRIX FUTURION: Illustration for CITRIX, C-Tomorrow, a city of the future

Yuna Moon
September 1, 2019
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The vision of a CITY OF A FUTURE, CITRIX FUTURION, has been created with the other brand elements and illustration assets as part of the entire visual identity system for C-Tomorrow.
The illustration has been used across a number of touch-points including digital campaigns, registration websites, promotional event merchandising items, such as the printed DM, calico bag and many more.

The FUTURION is featuring world best tech-leaders as the components of the urban lifestyle to challenge audiences' perception of what's possible in the future. Therefore, it's been focused to present the wide range of lifestyles that is suggested with the spectrum of technology from sponsors of the event.
The idea started from fundamental composition of the city and the style of isometric illustration was the chosen approach that could present the integration of empowered lifestyle highlighted from a different angle.

The range of colours of the brand colour palette has been used across the elements. I've focused on the accuracy of the angles for each element to provide the quality driven illustration that would work as an infographic. Adobe Illustrator has been used.

The audiences of the event genuinely loved the way it features the range of lifestyle within multiple isometric illustrations. The client wanted differentiate the entire visual assets of the event and it worked as a powerful yet friendly creative solution.

Illustration series was just a part of the whole creative journey that represent the whole idea of the event. The more images with the over-arching creative direction of the events are available on my website,

Yuna Moon

A Freelance Design Director / Creative Lead based in Sydney. Yuna has more than 15 years of creative experiences and has worked in the UK, Asia Pacific, and Australia.

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