Club Hémisphère by Rokas Sutkaitis

Club Hémisphère is an ongoing personal project that combines two of graphic designer Rokas Sutkaitis’ passions: graphic design and music. Every week he produces a new poster for a different artist. The project features wide range of music genres: from techno acts such as Rødhåd to indie rock bands like Pompeya.

Rokas Sutkaitis
Rokas Sutkaitis
Rokas Sutkaitis

The aim of this project is to explore different visual languages and to expand my knowledge as a graphic designer. The posters are quite experimental as they often feature techniques that I never or rarely use. While most of the artworks are inspired purely by music, there are also some graphic allusions to album covers or overall visual identity of the artists. 
-Rokas Sutkaitis



The designs are achieved through long process of experimenting with various techniques, shapes and colours often resulting unexpected results. Most of the artworks are inspired purely by music that I listen, but there are also some graphic allusions to album covers or overall visual identity of the artists.
-Rokas Sutkaitis



I think that I’m pretty far away from having my own distinct style yet, especially when it comes to print design but I’m working on it!
Well, it’s hard to state exact names when there’s so much inspiration floating around you. The first things that came into my mind are Russian constructivist movement and pretty much everything modernism related.
-Rokas Sutkaitis



I won’t say anything new nor original : work as much as you can and enjoy the process.
-Rokas Sutkaitis




About Rokas Sutkaitis

Rokas Sutkaitis is a Lithuania based graphic designer mostly specialising in branding and working on various other design projects as well. See more of his works on Behance or his website.