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Young Thug

Young Thug

Jonathan Hazlewood
December 2, 2019
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This project was a small part of my entire Osheaga album. During the second day of Osheaga, Young Thug was set to headline the stage. With me being a huge fan of Young Thug, I had to photograph the Atlanta legend. Everything about his performance was legendary and as a result,, my photos had to be on the same level

Not much thought was put into my project. During the Young Thug show, I intended on capturing really active and engaging photos. I wanted my photos to reflect the same energy that Young Thug presented to the crowd and I believe I did as such. I went for action shots and I wanted him stand out on stage.

The camera I used to take the photos was a sony a7 mark 1. During the performance, I used a 70-200mm lens to capture these photos. When it comes to software, I used Adobe Photoshop. My editing style is nothing to crazy. I primarily focused on reducing or adding light o, sharping the photo, blurring the background, and if need be fixing the color scheme.

Overall, I would say most people were pretty happy when it comes to this project. A lot of people were very surprised that I got to photography Young Thug. But once that they saw my photos, they were very impressed. My photos were shared a lot on the internet to point that YSL (Young Thugs label) actually liked my work.

If you want to see more concert photos, follow my instagram at @hazlewoodjj

Jonathan Hazlewood

23 year old photographer from Canada. I love hip-hop and rap music. As a photographer, I live to capture of moments with the artist I admire.

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