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Columbaria Architectural by Agnieszka Przewoźna

Columbaria Architectural by Agnieszka Przewoźna

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July 18, 2015
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Columbaria Architectural is a project by Agnieszka Przewoźna. The project was inspired by the death of her grandfather. She then researched about cemeteries and columbariums in Poland and found various problems, thus, the birth of her project - Columbaria Architectural.

The idea of project columbarium at the cemetery appeared two years before our graduation. I helped with my friend’s diploma and I decided that mine must move hearts, raise important topic and be significant. The year before my grandfather has passed away so decided to raise the subject of death. I read a lot about religions and collected information about polish cemeteries and columbarium. Then I found problems: lack of consistency, disorder, small cemeteries etc. So I could not wait when I start the project.
-Agnieszka Przewoźna

cam1_final copy

cam2_final copy

I was inspired by death, religious symbols, another project of cemeteries around the world and memorial like M9 memorial in Chile, cemetery in Erlenbach or San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena. Each of them had different form but the projects were carefully thought out. Not like in Poland where you put only some marble slab, flowers.
-Agnieszka Przewoźna

cam3_final copy

My projects are very deliberate. Nothing is accidental. My projects have few goals: create an architectural proposal for a columbarium, organize the surrounding environment and unify objects that create inconspicuous disorder. Above all, my objectives, while designing the wall that holds urns, was to create something minimalistic and solemn that would somehow become a part of the area.
-Agnieszka Przewoźna

cam4_final copy

When you start to design try to think about people, how to solve problems to get rid of the disorder. Think about the form… let it show something. Think unconventionally, don’t duplicate the stereotypes.
-Agnieszka Przewoźna

All visualisations are by Agnieszka's friend, Wojciech Czub, see more of his work at his website.

About Agnieszka Przewoźna

Agnieszka Przewoźna graduated in 2013 at University of Art in Poznan (Poland), department of Interior Architecture and Scenography. She recently opened up her own studio, named Marker Studio, where she create interiors project and design. Agnieszka finds fulfillment in difficult projects and her dream is to have a project where she could let her imagination run wild. See more of her work at her website.

One comment on “Columbaria Architectural by Agnieszka Przewoźna”

  1. This is a great project, most cemetery are boring and plain. Sometimes, even scary looking so I think redesigning this is a great idea. It would not only make the cemetery inviting, it would also take out the connotation and the expression that cemeteries are dark and scary.

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