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Max Egorov
October 20, 2016

Project CRUNCH was a model test for Toni Benecke the German fashion model working for JayJay models (Berlin-based model agency). We began to shoot this series at 5 o'clock in the morning in an industrial part of Dresden. The idea of this project was the motion. We wanted to reach a dynamic portrait of Toni.

This project idea came up after I got to know Toni. He told me he wants something new for his portfolio, something expressive, something dynamic. So we decided to shoot two series, - color and black white. For this session we chose one of many sandpits in Dresden, because of a big open space and structure of sandpits. After this we reviewed his wardrobe, chose outfit for our session, formed a team and fixed the right day for shooting.

For post production of this images I have used CameraRaw. I have opened the files and made all necessary corrections: colors, contrast, light etc. That’s all. For the shooting I have used Nikon 800 with 24-70 mm Nikkor Lens. ...

It was very impressive to shoot at 5 o'clock in the morning. The light was fantastic and the atmosphere of the session as well.
Since this project I know Toni Benecke as person with interesting background and a model with huge potential.

Max Egorov


2 comments on “CRUNCH”

    1. Thank you Jenna!
      It is always a challenge to make good pictures.
      As we have photographed this project it was a big challenge for us to stay invisible, because we haven't had any permission to enter this location.

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