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Hyunsoec Kim
March 19, 2020
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'Cubic' is a wireless mouse which designed cube shape. Rotate the top of the mouse to activate it, just like rotating a cube. It is easy to carry with a thin thickness. It breaks the design of a standard mouse and presents a new design language.

I wanted to do a design that was a departure from the stereotype of the mouse. I accidentally came up with cubic, and this form was applied to the mouse. I designed it by making use of the functions of the mouse.
Cubic/Plastic/Orange, Yellow, White etc/

I did the sketch first. And I used the cad program called Rhino to create drawings. I output the completed drawings to a 3d printer to consider the actual size and use. I did 3d rendering through a program called Keyshot.

They rated it as a very interesting and interesting work. They were impressed with the departure from the existing mouse design. and they also said he expected more work in the future. I thought that through this work, I should become a designer who is sympathetic to many people.

Hyunsoec Kim

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