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Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov

Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov

Jon Paylaga
August 22, 2015

This is Anton's resume, showing his skills, work experience, education, as well as some personal information.

While creating the CV I had the aim to show my skills, work experience, as well as some personal information. I decided to use infographics for that purpose because it can add sparkle to the information set, and that could be great demonstration of my skills. I didn't make any drafts actually, but I had the idea of how the final output should look like and introduced changes in the course of work, thus trying to make it accomplished. The tools I used in this project were Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

-Anton Yermolov









About Anton Yermolov

Anton Yermolov was born in 1980. He's been working in the area of graphic design for six years. He started out professionally in the areas of logo and identity design, but recently changed direction in favour of infographics, because it can show complicated data using simple charting techniques. He has a technical and design background which helps in this field. Besides his work he has a passion for travelling and playing the drums. You can find more of his artworks by visiting his Behance profile.

2 comments on “Curriculum Vitae by Anton Yermolov”

  1. C'est une super façon de présenter son CV, très originale et cela permet de mettre en avant ses talents, d'une façon qui fait te fait sortir du lot.

  2. I love this, and typography is really nice, too. A few years ago I was introduced to typography and ever since I have been more or less obsessed with it. This is right up my alley as far as the kind of typography I like goes. Awesome!

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