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Overfishing Infographic

Overfishing Infographic

Ashley Pacheco
March 18, 2018
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This infographic was done for my Branding and Information Design class. The assignment was to choose a focus under the topic of overfishing and turn our research into an infographic. The focus for my project was about sharks and whales, and how their decreasing population affects our planet. The class was also assigned to create a logo of an environmental organization that we came up with for this project. I called mine Oceanus Conservation Foundation!

Using the main color as light blue came from when I think of water, since the infographic is about overfishing. The project includes a lot of information so I wanted to keep the icons/symbols simple, but also make the important ones pop with choosing colors that'll stand out against the blue background. The magnifying glass came to mind because I thought it'd be a good way to focus on the symbol that the section of information is talking about. I added the fishing net and hooks because it separates the elements into sections so it doesn't look cluttered and makes them flow nicely. After finishing the project, it inspired me to do a minimalistic style for the organization logo!

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my artwork. Research was the first step to starting the project. It gave me ideas of what should be included and what didn't need to be. I started off working with no colors so I can have an idea of how I would layout the infographic first. Afterwards, choosing the color scheme was fun! The project began all the way to the left with the title and I worked my way to the right illustrating the each symbol. Next was adding the information I researched, which might have been the most difficult part of the process because I had to keep each side looking balanced. After everything was laid out, I made the tweaks to the finished work to make sure everything was balanced out and created my logo to add to the lower right corner.

People have given good responses so far! I've gotten many tips and feedback, especially from my professor, that helped greatly. There was a lot I learned from this project design-wise, but most importantly about overfishing. It was really eye-opening what information I found during my research and seeing how much our environment can be affected over a period of time.

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