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Dawn of Spring by Gaurav Kumar

Dawn of Spring by Gaurav Kumar

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August 15, 2015

Gaurav Kumar was fond of the colour 'white' and the feeling associated with it. Gaurav's project can be seen as another small step where he tried to incorporate a similar feeling. At the same time - maintaining minimal and pure look of the furnitures that were used. The project showcases an apartment which is simple and elegant. The use of lighting was used to give the feeling of a beautiful spring morning.




With the objective in heart I looked up references quite similar to the feel I wanted to achieve. It meant study of light, furniture types normally used with such spaces and all those subtle details which contributes to bringing to life the spark I had in my mind. After repeated and brainstorming I started to experiment with props and colours and lighting. I changed furniture from time to time when I felt an improvement was required to suit the scene rightly. After many try outs things began to take shape. It then gives an idea, a direction, of how to go further. The design began to roll out for me.
-Gaurav Kumar




I continuously look for things that could actually add to my passion once a theme is born in my mind. As always, great works of art that I see online everyday has inspired me a lot. To mention a few names; works of senior artists like Peter Guthrie & Thomas Vournazos has particularly inspired me on creating this work. And the dream to create something of this character also was the driving force.
-Gaurav Kumar



I can share what I look for when I do any work. I Generally look for references that are real , real photographs, as it contains details that are original. I study light, the feeling it creates. I take inspiration form the best in our field. Study, spend time observing, and anything that contributes to the making of the art you want to create finally. Rest is all passion to do it!
-Gaurav Kumar

About Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar- born in Delhi & artist by heart; he started his 3d Visualization as a hobby in 2010. It grew into a full time profession, where after gaining enough skills from his first job, he was able to work with one of the best visualization companies in India. He chose to continue doing what he do best as a freelance artist. He believes being a freelance artist means freedom, flexibility and dreams as limitless as the sky. He keep his commitment to clients for whom he worked, mostly online in terms of time and quality. This perfect balance helped him enjoy what he do best. Beautiful designs and ideas never cease to capture his heart. After all, they are the building blocks that helped him reach his goals. See more of his works at Behance or his website.

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