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UMA Academy - Kindergarten

UMA Academy - Kindergarten

Augusto Cezar
April 17, 2018
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This project is a concept school. The concept was created by my client, Nicholas Leap. UMA Academy is located in Charlestown - MA. The previous idea was retained. A school focused on childhood education and with educational toys.
But but it wasn't supposed to be just another regular school. Should be place where children could have fun, learn and meet new children and at the same time feel that there is order, which were being looked after and observed by teachers. A place of learning and happiness. A tasty memory of childhood.

All the ideas of colors, decoration, pictures, everything was selected to create the most fun atmosphere possible, but without losing the seriousness of a school. The place needed to look inviting and organized.
I decided to invest a lot in the main theme. The wood. But that made the scene lifeless, opaque. I saw that it needed color. Every new item added made me feel I needed more color. More color ... and more color. The place begged for colors and I did not know why.

The project was already underway when I was called. Some colors had already been selected and I had to work at the same time the builders did the electrical and hydraulic installations.
I used only Blender (3D software) to put ideas into practice and each toy was modeled one by one for the location to be as original as possible.

The end result was great, everyone loved the job. He fills his eyes, full of colors, of life. The pictures with colorful animals make everything even more inviting and pleasant.

I've always been a more "colorless" person. Enjoying the shades of wood, concrete and steel. But after this project my life became more colorful.

Colors are really "tasty" to the eyes and to the live.

The life lesson is: I will try to use more colors in my renders. Color brings life to my renders.

Augusto Cezar

I am a 3D artist with over four years of experience in this field, co-founder of AN Archviz team, and I have done many projects of architectural visualization for architects, designers and companies such as Knez Homes and Paragons Solutions.

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